About KOffice

KOffice - is an integrated office suite based on the platform KDE. He uses the Free Application OpenDocument. KOffice - free software.
KOffice features with a full set of applications that work together without overlapping, to improve the user experience with applications. Each program in the suite of KOffice - a component that adds more functionality to the set. You can embed any KOffice component in any component of KOffice, using the model of the object KParts from KDE.
KOffice, like KDE - a free project, which is released on the basis of the GPL. KOffice continues to be actively developed. This means that KOffice is continuously improving, developing new technologies and implementing new features. Yet not all features can implement in your applications.
Some components are not finished yet, but many KOffice applications are already used for professional work.


Key features of KOffice:

  • KWord - A text editor on the basis of framing, is designed to work with the professional standard documents
  • KSpread - application for working with spreadsheets.
  • KPresenter - application for the development and demonstration presentations.
  • Kivio - application for compiling flowcharts.
  • Karbon14 - application for work with vector graphics.
  • Krita - an application for working with raster graphics.
  • Kugar - tool for creating business plans and reports
  • KChart - a tool for drawing and viewing diagrams.
  • KFormula - a powerful formula editor.
  • Kexi - an integrated environment for managing data.
  • Filters - filters import and export data for KOffice.

  • Author: KOffice Team
  • Website: www.koffice.org
  • Last Update: January 14th, 2010 [v.2.1.1]
  • Languages: English
  • License: GPL (GNU GPL)
  • Price: Free
  • System: Linux
  • Size: ~ 72 MB

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